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Our Story:

I started my little photography journey in Edmonton Alberta a few years back well 10 years ago now.... Before the big move to the cold north we were in Thunder Bay Ont,  Kelowna , Lake Country and now we are back in beautiful B.C.  

 I was born in Thunder Bay Ontario in the early 70s , Thunder Bay is a nice little town just on Lake Superior. I lived in Coquitlam BC for a few years and graduated high school in 1992 at Terry Fox Senior Secondary.  I was a hairstylist after high school in New Westminster B.C. for many years. Later I moved to a Northern Community in Ontario there I opened up my own little hair salon and was a bar manager at a local pub. After working in Northern Ontario I moved to Thunder Bay and was hired to manage a Pharmacy, after a few years I than went into the Celebrity business world of Radio ,TV and Print where I set up annual marketing campaigns for local business, my kids actually did voice overs  for of few radio ads for me. I was then pursued by Shaw to be their Outside Marketing sales rep. Later we moved to Kelowna and there I was the Marketing Manager for a retirement home.


Years later when the twins were 12  I became pregnant with our son and we were relocated to Edmonton with my husbands job, that is when I decide to stay home and provide daycare for one more little boy and slowly started a photography business on the side.. my  business grew and I was voted Edmontons best Newborn Photographer in 2015. 


 Photography is my LOVE, my PASSION, and my OBSESSION. 

My awesome family keeps me grounded and I'm so grateful for that.

I have an amazing husband who has supported me all they way, together we have twin girls who are away at collage and university and a pre teen at home.  I have no idea where the time went?

We also have 2 dogs and 2 cats that keep us busy.

Thanks for coming by, I hope to meet you and your family someday.

Krista White xo



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