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Our Story:

I embarked on my photography journey in Edmonton, Alberta, a decade ago. Prior to settling in the cold north, I resided in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Kelowna, Lake Country, and now I find myself back in beautiful B.C.

Born in the early 70s in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a charming town nestled on Lake Superior, I spent my formative years there. After a stint in Coquitlam, BC, where I graduated high school from Terry Fox Senior Secondary in 1992, I pursued a career in hairstyling in New Westminster, BC, for many years. Eventually, I ventured to a Northern Ontario community where I opened my own hair salon and also managed a local pub. Subsequently, I relocated to Thunder Bay and assumed a managerial role at a pharmacy. Following this, I transitioned into the realm of celebrity business, working in radio, TV, and print, orchestrating annual marketing campaigns for local businesses. Interestingly, my kids even lent their voices for a few radio ads during this time. Later, I was recruited by Shaw as their Outside Marketing Sales Representative. Eventually, our journey led us to Kelowna, where I served as the Marketing Manager for a retirement home.

Years later, when our twins turned 12, I found myself expecting our son, which prompted a relocation to Edmonton due to my husband's job. It was then that I opted to stay home, providing daycare for another child while gradually nurturing my photography business on the side. Through dedication and hard work, my business flourished, culminating in being named Edmonton's Best Newborn Photographer in 2015.

Photography is not just my profession; it's my love, my passion, and my obsession.

My incredible family serves as my anchor, and I'm profoundly grateful for their unwavering support. My husband, in particular, has been my steadfast companion throughout this journey. Together, we have twin girls who are currently pursuing higher education and a preteen son at home. Time seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye.

In addition to our bustling household, we share our space with two dogs and two cats, adding to the lively atmosphere.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your family someday.

Warm regards,

Krista White xo

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